Friday, 27 December 2013

Beeautiful Royal Jelly!

This has been an exciting year at health leads uk and what better way to finish off than to happily announce a brand new additive free royal jelly supplement .

If you don’t already know, we are one of the leading additive free supplement manufactures in the UK, we specialise in making all our supplements magnesium stearate free and our aim is to make them all 100% additive free, there are some ingredients that require a few milligrams or even micrograms, so with these we use organic rice flour.

Our new royal jelly supplement has got us really excited. We carefully sourced freeze dried royal jelly extract, the freeze drying process preserves and maintains freshness, it has an amazing 4% 10-HDA content, this fatty acid is the chemical in royal jelly that makes it so special and at a ratio of 3:1, each 420mg capsule is the equivalent to 1260mg.

To find out more or even have a look at our label, please visit additive free supplement website.

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