Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Apricot Kernels - Tasty and Nutritious

Apricot kernels are tasty & nutritious. Apricot kernels are inside apricot stones, which we often just throw away. Why eat bitter apricot kernels? because they have a great bitter taste! similar to almonds and this bitter taste is due to the presents of B17, also called  amygdalin.  

So why is it that we eat food? Because it tastes good? In today’s world the second reason is becoming more important to some, we only have to look at "junk food" to see that more importance is put on taste than nutritional value. Of course, we eat food because it tastes good, but that is not the most important reason, we eat food for nourishment as fuel to keep us alive. 

We are familiar with using petrol as fuel for our cars, our body also needs fuel in the form of food, if we were to put diesel in a petrol engine it will have detrimental effect, we can draw a similar parallel with our food, if we eat poor foods it will have bad effects.

This is clearly evident, poor diets can have huge impacts on health, diseases as scurvy and kwashiorkor, health threatening conditions: obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis are all to common due to poor diets.

So trying not to get to far off the point, we should eat food for its nutrition value, many nutritious foods taste great and we have such a wide variety to choose from. As an example athlete’s and body builders have high protein diets to help build healthy organs and muscles. So it makes sense that we eat foods for the nutrients within, helping our bodies to build and repair.

Eat healthy, Stay healthy.

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