Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Product - Citricidal (Grapefruit Seed Extract)

Its not every day that we get to launch a brand new product, so with a loud voice we are happy to announce our brand new product: Citricidal-Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid concentrate. Our Citricidal is made from organically grown grapefruits and is a special unfiltered formula. Available in 30ml & 100ml bottles and as with our complete range of own brand products, for every 5 we will send 1 extra free or if you buy 10 we will send 3 extra free. (phone orders only)

Grapefruit seed extract is well documented to be effective as standard antibiotics and fungicides. Researchers discovered that Citricidal is effective against many bacterial, fungal, viral strains and single and multicelled parasites. Their is at least one study to support the use of grapefruit seeds as a antibiotic, April 2005 issue of the JACM.

Many people use Citricidal orally and externally. An even more common use for Citricidal is a general house hold sanitiser, it can be used to wash fresh fruit and vegetables & sanitise chopping boards. I have even heard of people using it to clean cutlery by adding a few drops to washing up water & also using it to clean toothbrushes by soaking in citricidal. Additionally, it can be used as a cleaner for every surface in the house.

One point must be made clear, Citricidal should never be used at full strength, it must be diluted. For more information please visit our Citricidal Grapefruit extract seed page on the Health Leads website.


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