Thursday, 9 September 2010

Wellness Filters

It's not just a quick thought to decide which water filter to use as many are now on the market. We went to great lengths to source the best water filters and have had the privilege of selling Wellness filter products for many years.

Back in the mid 1980’s Harusuke Naito a highly regarded Japanese sports physiologist and Olympic swimming coach wanted to have “perfect water” for his athletes. Haru believed that even slight differences in water pureness, mineral content and surface tension could affect cellular function, performance and body hydration. After a great deal of research Haru started experimenting with different natural filtration media with the goal of producing the worlds best water. During this time Haru took time to live with the Hunza’s and understand the secrets of water and before he left spent time with Dalai Llama.

Finally, from years of research, Harusuke Naito’s work progressed. Haru blended scientific research with natural process to make the ultimate water filtration systems. Then in 1984 Harusuke Naito unveiled to the Japanese market the Wellness Filter.

Depending on your requirements Wellness have designed six high quality water filters,

  • The Carafe – a counter top jug that fits easily in the fridge
  • The Wand – for amazing tasting water on the go, and fits in your pocket

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