Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Newgenn Wipes 52 Disposible Pack

Disposible Newgenn wipes have specifically been made to be used in hospitals around the world. Disposible Newgenn wipes are safe and gentle and can be used on children, babies, cut and wounds (does not sting), fabric, pets and much more.

Newgenn wipes contain an antimicrobial liquid that kills hazardous bacteria and other microbes in the EN 1276 test in less than 1 minute. And not only that, Newgenn wipes control and kill, Norovirus - winter vomiting / Swine Flu / MRSA / E-COLI / C-DIFF and Salmonella

How does it work I hear you ask, in the simplest terms: Disposible Newgenn wipes gentle technology kills very dangerous microbes by cleaning away any organic matter and dissolving the microbe.

These disposible wipes are great for every day use around the house or if your want to take extra care during your hospital stay / visit.

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