Friday, 2 July 2010

Clean and Safe Multi-purpose cleaner

CLEAN & SAFE is a Multi purpose Solution especially formulated for Health Leads UK Ltd.

CLEAN & SAFE Solution will replace most conventional cleaning products. In fact organo-phosphates, PCB’s in detergents, petroleum in washing up liquid, and a whole range of chemicals in everyday products can all be replaced by this wonderful solution.

You may remember that household cleaners used to have a skull and cross bones symbols on the label to warn of dangers. This has now been replaced by a printed warning, but these products are still just as dangerous as they were.

What a major step forward to find ONE product that can replace all products used for home and body care that are damaging both the environment and us too, and this with no loss of cleaning power and little or no extra cost!

For more infomation please go to Clean and Safe Usage Guide.

This great product starts at only £7.70 and makes up to 2.5 Litres,
available in 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre.

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