Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lugols Iodine Solution

Many people are often confused about which type of lugols iodine is best, and unsure about which formulation is the best. In the shops you can purchase2%, 3%, 7% and 12% but which is best?

The original formula by JGA lugols make a 12% solution and this is almost identical to the recomedation from Dr Clark also making a 12% soultion (11.32%)

People always ask the content per drop or asking how many milligrams of iodine & iodide of our lugols Iodine Solution so we have now put it on the website, please go to

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  1. when I read about iodine and the possibility that we are, as a population, suffering from a low grade deficiency of iodine. Not enough to present lots of cases of goitre but enough of a deficiency to maybe explain many cases of detected and undetected hypothyroidism.