Monday, 26 April 2010

We Beleive this is the Best Colon Cleanse product - Oxy T

Oxy T Colon Cleanse is a specially formulated Magnesium peroxide compound with activated oxygen (Ozone O3) enhancement and encapsulated with pro-oxidant vitamin C plus natural bioflavinoids.

Oxy T Colon Cleanse (Dietary supplement) is encapsulated with vitamin C, which allows for the complete separation of the nascent oxygen upon digestion. This is a powerful detoxifying agent and purifier, It's safe systematic cleansing, removes obstructions and congestion from the colon through the release of an abundance of activated oxygen. Oxygen gets pumped into the tissues and locked in.

We believe it assists to rebuild and boost the immune system. It breaks down faecal matter to a very soft or liquid stool, depending on how toxic the individual is and how much "Oxy T colon cleanse" is being taken. Even if it is taken in large amounts, several times a day, it is not harmful to have this soft to liquid stool. There are no cramps, as there can be with laxatives and herbs.

Oxygen Therapy detoxifies and cleanses the intestines, colon, arteries, blood and internal organs including the brain.

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