Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pancreatin (4 X strength)

We now have new stock of Pancreatin (4 X strength)

Each capsule provides: Pancreatin x 500mg of whole pancreatin Providing:
  • Protease 56.930 USP units
  • Amylase 58,170 USP units
  • Lipase 13,100 USP units
Although it was once assumed that orally-administered Enzymes are destroyed by the body during the process of digestion, recent studies have shown that supplemental, orally-administered Pancreatic Enzymes are absorbed intact from the Intestines into the bloodstream, and transported to the secretory Cells of the Pancreas where they are resecreted into the Intestines by the Pancreas. references
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Pancreatic enzymes help to prevent the proliferation of intestinal parasites and detrimental micro organisms within the small intestine. Peer Reviewed Journals: Gullo, L. Indication for pancreatic enzyme treatment in non-pancreatic digestive diseases. Digestion. 54(supplement 2):43-47, 1993. Rubenstein, E., et al. Antibacterial activity of the pancreatic fluid. Gastroenterol. 88:927-932, 1985.

Health Leads Pancreatin only conatins pure pancreatin, no additives or preservatives, only pure pancreatin.

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